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RIP Haters Back Off – Netflix Cancels Show After Second Season

After a wild game of emotional whiplash, it unfortunately looks like Netflix has cancelled Haters Back Off.

The show marked one of the first ever Influencer centric originals to air on Netflix, and despite having a solid season 1 with pretty good ratings, season 2 has not played out as well.

We’re getting Sense8 flashbacks a little bit with all the back and forth from Netflix themselves via Twitter, because apparently when the news of the cancellation first broke, the whole thing was incredibly confusing, even for Colleen Ballinger.

The YouTuber and brain behind Miranda Sings posted the above message to her Twitter, which was clearly an emotional moment for her, so when she started getting @ mentions from fans saying that they had inquired with Netflix about the cancellation, things began to get weirdly complicated.

It seems like the people currently working at Netflix are either fans of Haters Back Off and trying to trick the network into picking up a third season, or they really just have no idea what’s going on.

Unfortunately, the confusion was a moment of false hope for Colleen, and Netflix tweeted out a clarification soon after.

Who knows though! Maybe YouTube Red or some other platform will pick up the series. After all, stranger things have happened.


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