'Roman vs Fousey' Gives Front Row Seat to Stars!

Roman Atwood and FouseyTube embarked on a major tour together last year with Roman vs Fousey. The YouTubers have 16 million subscribers between them. If you’re a fan and you missed their tour, this is the show for you. The Go90 streaming series gives a deep look into their relationship and their philosophy on fame.

“Roman Soldiers” and Erakat’s “Bruh Bruhs” enjoyed a mish-mash of motivational speaking, push-ups, insults, and pranks when the buddies went on tour. The show definitely gives a glimpse into how deep the fan love goes for these guys. It also shows how the work never stops when you choose to live your life on camera.

Roman has the deepest motivational speaking gene. As with any good YouTuber, he is excellent at confessing. He reveals on stage to a rapt crowd that he might not have found the motivation to hustle and make videos  had his former wife not cheated on him.

This show is undoubtedly for hardcore fans as the pair are pros when it comes to documenting just about everything happening in their lives. Go90 just gave them a slick doc to support their vlogs and selfies. While the doc may feel a little thin, the Fousey/ Atwood love runs deep, and smiles run wide. This show will please hardcore fans. We give it a solid seven out of ten likes.


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