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Royal Drama: ClarenceNYC and Chris Sails Go At It On Twitter!

Queen Naija’s boyfriend Clarence White aka ClarenceNYC has stepped in to her drama with Chris Sails.

On Sunday, Trending All Day reported on the drama between Queen Naija and Chris Sails over a video where she allegedly calls Chris ‘Clarence’ before correcting herself.  Well, Chris took it upon himself to instigate the beef by commenting “I knew she was cheating on me” under the video.  Clarence was supposedly sleeping throughout this whole ordeal but when he woke up he let Chris Sails have it!

Clarence started off his Twitter rant by calling out Chris’ girlfriend for including herself in a fight that he believes had nothing to do with her.

Clarence went on to expose a few things about Chris’ family history.

Chris clapped back by taking a few jabs at Clarence and Naija’s talents.

He continued with more hurtful comments and retweeted a fan who brought up Clarences’ fathers alleged domestic abuse.  Chris started taunting Clarence as well by saying he was hacked and pretending to emotional over his tweets.

Once Chris got personal Clarence took it to the point of no return.  He brought up the fact that Chris was adopted and many people thought it was a low blow.

Chris might’ve won this round because he was able to turn things around when he tweeted in support of other adopted children who were offended by Clarences’ comments.

In the end Clarence ended up apologizing for the insensitive generalizations he made about children who have been adopted.  He says that it was only an impulse reaction to Chris’ comments about his father who sadly will most likely spend the rest of his life in jail.  Clarence says he has two adopted brothers and his earlier comments don’t reflect how he truly feels on that matter.

Neither Chris, Clarence, or Queen Naija have addressed this fight since last night.  Is this fight finally over or is Round 3 on the way?!  Let us know what you think on social media with our hashtag #TrendingAllDay!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Y’all got me messages up Clarence I will kill you talking about chirs and queen don’t let m start rosting you
    Parker I am beating you to for lyin

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