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Rudy Mancuso And Stephen Curry Team Up For New Video Collab

New Year, new me– that’s how the saying goes, right?

Well Rudy Mancuso just figured out the best way to stick to that motto, and he got a little help doing it in his newest video from none other than Stephen Curry.

The video starts off in the most relatable fashion ever when Rudy finds himself only able to stick to his New Year’s resolutions for exactly 1 day before once again slipping back into his old habits. Then, after looking to his poster of Stephen Curry for hope and inspiration to once again get motivated, Stephen appears in his living room to help once again set him straight.

Throughout the video the two do simple, yet hilarious things together like workout, eat healthy and utilize Brita filters over bottled water.

In case you couldn’t guess, Brita is the one who sponsored the video.

Rudy rarely, if ever, disappoints when it comes to his video collabs, and this one is no different. This also marks Stephen Curry’s second ever YouTube video collaboration with an Influencer, his first one being with King Bach.

Check out the full video down below. We hope it help inspire you to stick to your own resolutions this year too!


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