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Russell Wilson Is Plugging In To Social Media In A Pretty Cool Way

In case you were finding yourself sitting around thinking, how can I be even more connected to my favorite athletes, musicians, influencers and actors, Russell Wilson just came up with a solution for it.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback and Super Bowl champ just launched the beta version of his app, TraceMe, which has already raised a staggering $9 million in funding from some pretty big investors. Do the names Amazon and YouTube ring any bells?

Well they should, especially because both Jeff Bezoz (Amazon) and Chad Hurley (YouTube) are two of aforementioned investors.

But what is TraceMe exactly? We’re glad you asked.

From what we can tell so far, Russell wanted to find a way to take the fan connection a step further with an app that caters directly towards those who always want to be plugged in. Just because a game has ended doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop, right?

“It’s been really important to me to include my fans and for you guys to get to know me on a personal level and kinda see the behind the scenes.”

As of now, Russell is the only sports Influencer on the app, but we’re sure that it’s about to explode in a pretty epic way. As far as what Russell himself is bringing to his section of this digital super-fan world, we can expect three different categories, all of which are designed to help give fans a glimpse into different parts of his life including podcasts and actual training videos with Russell’s personal trainer.

This is another great example of showing just how important fan interactions really can be.

Other Influencers are also paying closer attention to this and are finding different ways that they too can reach out to their fans on a more personal level. Fousey and Roman Atwood just connected with a fan through Twitter, as well as Tanya Burr who created an interactive website in conjunction with her book launch so that fans could feel involved.

TraceMe is another fantastic step towards this deeper level of communication, and we’re pretty excited to see who else ends up jumping on board.

The beta test for the app is currently available for download worldwide, but we think you should get on it sooner rather than later.

Plus side, it’s free to download! That is for now at least, so don’t sleep on this.