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Samantha Ravndahl Has Finally Apologized For Blackface Photo

In a plot twist that we don’t normally see, it looks like fans are pretty damn happy with Samantha Ravndahl’s latest apology on Twitter.

The beauty guru, who came under fire for using blackface in a picture where she made herself look like Nicki Minaj, just released what she calls a ‘long overdue apology’ for her actions.

While the apology itself is something we’re not used to seeing simply due to how genuine it feels, the biggest shock has actually come from the reception from her fans who have seemingly accepted it fully.

People have also said that considering the fact that Samantha has ignored this particular issue for so long, it’s about time she finally address it.

We’re pretty thrilled with how fans are reacting to her apology because even though we think it’s insane to ever do black face in anyway, sometimes people truly do make mistakes, and the most important thing is that they learn from them.

Check out Samantha’s Twitter to read her full apology thread.


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