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Samantha Ravndahl Is Not Happy With This Halloween Makeup

Yikes, it looks like another influencer has had their original work stolen by a bigger company.

Samantha Ravndahl just tweeted out that a Halloween company jacked her makeup design without reaching out to her in anyway.

It’s pretty hard to not see the glaring similarities between Samantha’s own design and the one featured on the Spirit Halloween makeup package…probably because it is the same design.

Unfortunately because the picture used is not an actual picture of Samantha, it’s hard for her to claim that the image is stolen, even though it’s created based off of her own design. We are definitely not well versed in the legalities of makeup image rights, but maybe there’s another angle she could try and take in regards to getting some recognition from the company?

Even a shoutout credit for inspiration at this point would be better than nothing.

With so many creators sharing their own work freely online, it leaves a lot of room for things to be stolen, but we hope this doesn’t deter those like Samantha from continuing to share their designs. We totally understand that people can be inspired by others and their work, but this creeps closer to the side of shady business than inspiration.

Just give credit next time.