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Exclusive: Meet Up & Coming Beauty Influencer and Shorty Award Winner Sasha Anne

We chatted with 18-year old high school senior, up and coming influencer, budding makeup artist and entrepreneur Sasha Anne about making her dreams come true and what it was like to win a Shorty Award! 

As a young girl, Sasha Anne was diagnosed with dyslexia and used the technique of watching people’s faces to help her interpret the world around her. Little did she know this would lead her to a love of makeup and using it as a means to express herself and find her voice. Now empowered through makeup and social media, Sasha Anne wants to empower all young women to find their own passion.

At just 18 Sasha Anne has already entered into the business world by creating her own cruelty-free, PETA certified ‘Teeny Wee’ lip gloss line. You can check out her whole line here.

Not only is Sasha killing it as an entrepreneur but she was just announced as the Audience Honor Award winner for this year’s Shorty Awards in the beauty category. This is Sasha’s second nomination and first win! It looks like this is just the beginning for Sasha!

Check out our full interview below! 

Do you have a go-to tutorial that you use to express yourself at your best/when feeling your best if so which is it?

My go-to look is using everything in my Spring Makeup Tutorial but without the false lashes and foundation. I also love to do fresh makeup without a lot of time and that is shown in my “How to look amazing in 5 minutes” tutorial. These are when I’m feeling my best.

At what moment/point in your life did you recognize that you had a gift to understand a person’s language through facial expressions?

When I was 8-years-old and in third grade — I was struggling in school. I found that if I watched a person’s face, the words they were saying became much easier to understand. Much of what a person says is seen in their eyes, and the expressions they make. It was a little trick I taught myself to use throughout school. It didn’t always work perfectly, but it was certainly helpful.

How is it balancing life as a senior in high school and a beauty influencer? How do you manage the two?

The beginning part of the school year as a senior was extremely difficult to manage. I was applying to colleges, taking the ACT’s and trying to maintain a strong grade point average. I have to totally shift gears when focusing on my company and being a beauty influencer. For example, I was invited to fashion shows during New York Fashion Week and did not want to turn down the opportunities. Running any company is very different from being a student because no one tells you what to do. I can ask for advice or insight, but in the end, it’s up to me to decide what to do, what the product looks like, what the color should be and how to promote it.  These are just a few of the many decisions I must think about.  It’s also different because the people I work with are much older than me, yet I make the final decisions. Thankfully I have an amazing support system at my school, and they are very supportive of me and my company and my passion for being a beauty influencer. It’s still difficult, and I find the best way of dealing with it is consistently writing out a schedule, especially during exams and term papers. As far as being a beauty influencer, I schedule social media posts early in the morning or after school. I film for my YouTube channel on weekends, and I try to get all editing done before Monday. It’s all about scheduling. It does take a lot of discipline.

What piece of advice would you give to people that suffer from dyslexia?

 I view dyslexia as a gift. It allows me to look at the world from a different perspective. It forces me to fine-tune other areas of my brain — such as visual, sensory and emotions. I need to listen very hard when people speak, and I am very thoughtful before I speak. All of which is good. In a world where everything happens so quickly, it’s a gift to have to stop and to take a deep breath before plunging in.

What is the #1 key to success or piece of advice that you would give someone aspiring to become a beauty influencer?

If you are truly passionate about being an influencer, your sincerity, passion, and talent will shine through and people will want to listen.

What is one of your biggest success stories to date? 

Being the youngest finalist in the ninth annual Shorty Awards in the beauty category was a life-changer. Suddenly my fan base exploded, and I was inspired to push forward with my Teeny Wee lip glosses. Becoming a WINNER of the Tenth Annual Audience Honor Award for Beauty just weeks ago has to be my biggest success story. It is the greatest honor to be recognized not only by judges but by my audience, made up of the fans I connect with every day on my Instagram @simplysashaanne; my YouTube channel Sasha Anne; my Facebook page Sasha Anne; my Twitter@sasharox15; and now on my newly launched blog @styledbysashaanne. My fans can also go on my website wwww.sashaanne.com and my lip gloss line www.teenywee.com.

Which social platform do you find yourself connecting most to your audience and why?

 I find myself connecting with my audience mostly on Instagram because I get comments quickly and can respond immediately. YouTube comments are not always delivered. I am always on Instagram and looking at my direct messages. I am obsessive about answering messages immediately.

What sources/people do you use or go to for inspiration?

I am always watching people. They inspire me. Style is never stagnant. It is always shifting, so I am always on the lookout for inspiration. I have people I go to for advice, like my mom and my mentor/advisor who taught me how to design a logo and is always challenging me to think as creatively as possible. I’m always asking my friends what they think about an idea that I have. They are my peer group and some of my biggest fans.

What is the most challenging part of your career as a beauty influencer?

I need to keep up with the other important aspects of my life. It cannot and should not be Beauty all day. There’s school, work, family, and downtime and socializing, and I like to put my all into everything I do. So managing my time is challenging.

What do you think separates you from other beauty influencers?

 I will not promote anything that I have not personally used and enjoyed using.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 yrs as a beauty influencer?

I intend to go to college, while I expand my brand and the product line of Teeny Wee. I want to be a name everyone recognizes as an inspirational voice for young women everywhere. I want people to say, “Sasha Anne followed her dream, and it wasn’t easy for her. She was shy and dyslexic and could barely speak. But she had a passion and found her voice.”

Be sure to catch the Shorty Awards next weekend 4/15 in NYC! Click here for more info on the show and its nominees!


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