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‘Scare PewDiePie’ Season 2 Is Officially In The Works

PewDiePie has announced he will be in Los Angeles for some time this November. He and his team are set to film season 2 of Scare PewdiePie. It’s no surprise the show is getting a second season; its first season was a huge hit on YouTube Red, and it seems no matter how controversial the gamer gets, his fans will always want more.

Felix tweeted that he would be daily vlogging next month, but beyond that, the famed YouTuber didn’t give too much for fans to work with as far as knowing what he’d be doing:


Felix also took to YouTube to reveal some* of the news in a recent video, explaining to viewers he’d be “going away to LA just like [he] did last year if you remember… [he’s] not supposed to say why [he’s] there but [he’s] going at the exact same time, for the exact same amount, just like [he] did last year. So if you have a brain you’ll figure out that [he’s] doing Scare PewDiePie… [he] doesn’t know why [he] can’t say that”.

Watch the video below:

Well, now it’s been confirmed!

scare pewdiepie gif

Season 2 of Scare PewDiePie is in the works, and we will update you all with more info as we receive it!


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