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Science Emojis May Be Dropping On Your Smartphones Soon

The options for “tools” among emojis are limited to items you could use to either murder someone or build a bench. Scientists are hoping to get some more laboratory items in the mix.

Nancy Briscoe told Mashable: “Giving people the right tools to express scientific thought is important to keep the subject relevant and accessible in a fast-paced world. We think it’s important that we all be able to communicate about science more clearly, so why not create (emoji) to aid that process?

The new proposed emojis include lab-centric items such as safety goggles, a fire extinguisher, a petri dish, and more:

The American Chemical Society and GE made 10 emoji suggestions to the Unicode Consortium and the emojis that make it through the approval process could make their way onto your devices by summer of 2018.

Earlier this year, the Unicode Consortium approved 69 new emojis (for a total of 239 with different skin tone variants all accounted for) to be contained in the Emoji 5.0 update that will roll out this June.


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