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Second Influencer In Two Weeks To Get In Car Accident & Vlog About It

Unfortunately, it seems like vlogging while driving has one very obvious and serious consequence– crashing.

Just last week we reported on Logan Paul getting into a car accident and managing to catch the aftermath of it on his vlog. Well the same thing happened this week, but this time around it happened to YouTuber (and prodigy of the infamous Aunt Becky from Full House), Olivia Jade.

Just like Paul, Jade is okay and seemingly uninjured, but we’ve gotta wonder just a little bit about whether or not vlogging while in their cars had anything to do with their respective accidents.

Both Influencers were, in these particular situations, hit by other drivers and seemingly not at fault. Logan Paul was hit by someone making an illegal left hand turn, and Olivia Jade was rear ended, which is usually the other persons fault, you know considering they literally hit you from behind.

Still, we are mildly concerned to see this becoming a trend. Even back in the day when Josh Peck used to make his infamous car vines, everyone joked about it just being a matter of time before he actually got into an accident. This became so much so an inevitable idea that a rumor actually began to circulate about it occurring even when it didn’t.

We want to make it clear that we are not accusing anyone of anything, but we want to stress the importance of being extra aware of your surroundings while driving, especially if you’re going to try and vlog while doing it.

Really, we just suggest not vlogging while driving.

We realize that in-car vlogging is not normally a hand held activity, and that most of the time the camera is mounted somewhere else, but still, it’s hard to argue that it’s not distracting to the driver.

We’re so glad that she’s okay and hope that everyone stays safe out there!

UPDATE: Olivia Jade has since deleted her video regarding her accident.