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It Seems Not Everyone Is A Jacob Sartorius Fan

Looks like the world is not all roses and subtweets for Jacob Sartorius right now because the kid just got dragged by Grace VanderWaal.

The America’s Got Talent singer decided to completely disregard the fact that she herself is only a child, and felt it totally appropriate to berate Jacob for a post on his Instagram where he talked about being thankful for his career and all he’s accomplished.

It’s a full out battle of the Tweens because 15 year old Jacob has received the wrath of 13 year old Grace, and apparently she doesn’t consider ‘lip syncing’ a career.

Listen, we LOVE to drag Jacob as much as the next person (honestly we don’t know why, he seems like a nice kid) but even we think this was unnecessary. The original video in which Grace posted the comment to was totally not one that jumped out to us in anyway as far as seeming conceited or especially full of himself. If anything, it actually seemed like he really was thankful for everything he had??

Also, Grace, might we add that you’re not that different from Jacob as far as your fame and recognition goes, so it seems a little bit like this was a personal attack? And if it was, then you do you girl because we don’t know what history might be between you.

But for real, in the future, maybe don’t seek someone out on their own Instagram page just to randomly post a salty comment about low-key thinking they have no talent.


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  1. Jg@neoil.net says:

    I thought it was a well thought out,very educated,well written post from a little girl. She has been nothing but sweet every time you see or hear about her it’s about time she showed that she’s a real person and a little bit pissed about this kid not putting in the work just my two cents

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