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Selina Christoforou Exposes Jake Paul For Sliding Into Her DMs

Selina Christoforou aka @semc exposed Jake Paul on Instagram after he allegedly slid into her DMs.

In a since deleted Instagram post, Selina exposed the messages Jake Paul sent to her DMs where he offered to fly her out to come see him.  This seems like pretty normal behavior for a 21-year-old YouTube star but Jake has a serious girlfriend!  He’s been dating fellow YouTuber Erika Costell for a while now and she might not be too pleased with those flirtatious messages her BF sent to another woman.

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my champion 🥊🖤

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Fans initially didn’t believe Selina when she posted screenshots which can easily be manufactured or photoshopped.  The backlash prompted her to record her phone screen with another device to prove that she wasn’t lying.

Neither of them has responded to the accusations but Jake did post a photo of the two lovebirds with a lengthy caption professing his love for Erika.

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so much comes to my mind when i look at this picture… i don’t even know where to begin really.. FIRST.. Erika ur hot af… but seriously tho this pic is just crazyyyy to me because I never EVER thought I’d fall for someone so hard at such an early age… in fact my love for her blind sided me.. the saying “if you’re looking for love you’ll never find it” is so true🙏🏼 this girl has changed my life in so manyyy different ways & I want everyone to know how much I love her❤️we have been through so much together (both amazing & shitty) & yet it just makes us stronger every time💪🏼buttt the best is yet to come & im so proud to have her in my life.. & erika, hopefully you’re reading this because… well… I’m your # 1 fan & I know you’re mine… but…. this is a really long caption.. sooo if you’re still reading this I love you & im gonna make you the happiest girl in the world❤️thanks for changing my life… & who would’ve thought that such a beautiful girl would have ended up with me… @erikacostell i love u baby

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Jake conveniently dropped the photo immediately after the news broke that Selina had accused him of creeping.  Hmm, seems a little fishy.

Of course Jake Paul haters didn’t need any further proof.  Some fans are split on whether or not they believe the boxing champ actually sent those messages.  Although Selena provided more receipts there’s endless possibilities when it comes to technology like creating totally believable fake Direct Messages.

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