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Shane Dawson Drops Clues About His Next Documentary On Twitter

Shane Dawson might be going back to his conspiracy theory roots after he hinted that the focus of his next docuseries could be extraterrestrials.

Shane Dawson is taking diversity to another level after he hinted that he was casting some out of this world subjects for his next docuseries.  The YouTuber posted a tweet requesting that aliens get in touch with him after being inspired by a video posted by Time Magazine.  The publication reported on multiple UFO sightings by airline pilots in Ireland.

Before this request, Shane had jokingly mentioned doing a follow-up doc on Jake Paul after the news of his breakup with Erika Costell went viral.

He also reached out to Justin Bieber but the pop star has yet to respond publicly.

Regardless of the subject of his next video, it won’t be coming out for a while.  Unfortunately, wildfires have plagued California for the past two weeks and Shane’s home is located in one of the affected areas.  Shane, alongside his boyfriend Ryland Adams and their pets, had to evacuate but he’s since returned.

After he’s all settled, you can bet that he and his cameraman, Andrew Siwicki, will be back to doing what they do best-making movies!



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