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Shane Dawson Fans Accuse David Dobrik Of Plagiarizing His “Jeffree Star” Docuseries

Since last Wednesday we’ve all been on the edge of our seats tuning into Shane Dawson’s new Youtube docuseries.

Shane’s latest vlogs are centered around controversial makeup mogul and Youtube sensation Jeffree Star. The series is the most intimate look into a celebrity’s life since MTV’s “Diary”.

Thanks to Shane, viewers have gotten an in-depth look into Jeffree’s day to day life, what it takes to transform into the camera ready version we see on social media, and what its like to walk a mile in his shoes. Right smack dab in the middle of the series a Youtube vlogger war might be brewing. David Dobrik posted a quick vlog with Trisha Paytas while en route to none other than Jeffree Star’s home.

After getting a glimpse of Jeffree’s garage, which could easily be mistaken for a luxury car dealership, David couldn’t help but inquire about the beauty maven’s income. Jeffree quickly revealed he makes about a $150 million a year. Fans were furious and felt the big salary reveal on David’s page had negated all of Shane’s hard work!

David was shocked at the criticism he received and felt it wasn’t any different from his usual line of questioning.

“Hey guys I’m not trying to screw with Shane’s video? Are y’all on meth!! Trisha just randomly took us to shoot with Jeffree yesterday so I uploaded it today.. asked him the most basic of questions that I literally ask EVERYBODY that has money and posted today! I’m sorry if you think it’s anything more than that but it’s not :(. Love Shane… definitely wouldn’t do anything to purposely screw with him or his content!! And don’t worry Shane’s videos will be A LOT more informative than this 50-second clip I included of him”

Of course, my ears were wide open when Jeffree revealed his income on David’s vlog but it only made me want to peek into his life even more! Something about his gold-plated spoons, upholstered wall, and his jaw-dropping accessories and shoe collection keep me glued to Shane’s page waiting for the next video update.


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