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Shane Dawson Releases Teaser For His Next Docuseries

The King of YouTube has blessed followers with a preview of his next project.

We’ve been patiently waiting for another series from Shane Dawson since the end of the “Mind of Jake Paul” documentary.Β  Although he hasn’t dropped the next series yet, he did treat fans to a little preview.

While the short clip doesn’t give much information it does seem as though Shane is going back to exploring conspiracy theories for the next project.Β  He also shares that he currently has over five hours of raw footage.

Shane’s previous series each increased in length after the three episode TanaCon doc.Β  Jeffree Star’s series had five episodes but Jake Paul received the mostΒ with eight vlogs.Β  We’re hoping Shane and his cameraman Andrew Sawicki hop in the editing room soon.Β  Until then we’ll just keep checking his social media for updates.


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