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Shane Dawson Teases New Docuseries With Mystery Guest

Fresh off the hype of his latest docuseries ‘The Secret World of Jeffree Star’ the YouTuber is teasing us with more amazing content!

Shane Dawson has been on a roll lately with his last two docuseries which explore the lives of some of the most infamous influencers.  The five part documentary on Jeffree Star received over 81+ million views while his three part TanaCon doc amassed an impressive 42+ million views.  Now he’s back with his “most challenging” series yet!  He teased us on Twitter with a very cryptic image.

Fans are dying to know who or what this series will focus on.  From the clues Shane has left us we can deduce that his next subject will be a highly controversial figure since he implied getting into “the mind of” this person was extremely challenging!  Shane’s mysterious tweet has turned everyone into Sherlock Holmes but his lips are sealed.  That hasn’t deterred fans from playing the guessing on game on social media at all.

The Paul brothers are as interesting as they are obnoxious so viewers would definitely watch.  It seems that anything they touch turns to gold including their amateur boxing match which set records.  Plus they responded to Shane’s interest in documenting them with a hell yes so there’s a highly likely possibility that it could be one of or both of these two!

But another likely contender is JoJo Siwa.  Sure she’s no where near as controversial as the Paul brothers.  In fact the positive YouTube pop star has a squeaky clean image but there’s some evidence that suggest’s she might be up next.

Shane recently posted a video of JoJo performing a concert in his living room.  Plus he posed for a photo with the ‘Dance Mom’s’ star on Thursday and Shane said filming for his next series began this week.  Still it’s hard to imagine the perky teen having a dark and dangerous side crazy enough for Shane to do a multiple part deep dive on.

So who could it be?  Well, that brings us to our next guess Jaclyn Glenn!

Unlike influencers who only produce pranks, challenges, travel and beauty vlogs Jaclyn tackles more serious topics fairly often.  She discusses religion, mental illness, and conspiracy theories. Not only did Jaclyn respond directly to Shane’s teaser tweet but she’s definitely has one of the most intricate and unique minds compared to her peers.

Still you’re guess is as good as ours.  Hopefully Shane spills the beans because we’re getting antsy!  Let us know who you think his next guest will be on social media with our hashtag #TrendingAllDay!




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