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Shane Dawson’s Newest Video Might Just Make You Cry

Shane Dawson’s part 2 to his video where he put Ryland in a fat suit just took SUCH a turn.

Yesterday, we talked about how Shane, Ryland and Garrett all decided to face each others’ biggest insecurities/fears, which respectively were being overweight, going bald and being dead, by dressing up as those insecurities.

Ryland was put in a fat suit to finally understand where Shane’s issues with his weight and body image stemmed from, Shane wore a bald cap and Garrett…looked dead…

At first, the entire thing was a hilarious example of what happens when a group of friends get bored enough and make a YouTube video together, but in part 2, which just dropped, they go to see Shane’s mom and it suddenly turns into an emotional moment for pretty much all of them.

Shane’s mom, at one point, expresses to Ryland that seeing him like that in the fat suit brought back a specific memory of Shane from when he was a teenager and she took him shopping for new clothes.

“They had like, XXL t-shirts and stuff, but I don’t know, it wasn’t going well and I literally had to step away and go away, and I cried.”

Shane clearly had no clue that his mom had such an emotional reaction to his own struggles during that time, and when the three of them got back to the car after visiting her, Shane decided to switch up the rest of the video.

At first, the whole thing had been about making Ryland understand Shane’s insecurities by living through them, but Shane really didn’t want anyone to think that they were in anyway trying to make fun of fat people. He even started to cry while talking about the whole thing and saying that he didn’t want Ryland to feel the way he felt, because it’s such an awful feeling.

Ultimately, they decided to go to Target to get Shane new pants, because he was so anxious about trying on jeans that he’d been wearing the same pair so much that they had a hole in them.

Keep in mind though, they were all still dressed up and looking WACKY AF when they went shopping in Target, so from there on out, the video is nothing but true humor.

Check out Shane’s full video down below to see for yourselves!


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