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How To Make Your Fans Emotional: A Shawn Mendes Story

Shawn Mendes just sent his fans into an emotional meltdown after he announced that he is beginning to figure out what vibes he wants for his third album.


There’s truly nothing like a semi-vague tweet to send a fandom reeling.

Mendes is currently on tour and in the middle of promoting his second album, Illuminate, but he isn’t letting this fact stop him from thinking toward the future.

Fans are already mass speculating what vibes Mendes has for his third album, but mostly they are shook by the fact that they have not yet emotionally recovered enough from his first two albums to even think about a third.

At least Mendes can sleep soundly knowing that even a hint of a new album is so wildly well received by all of his fans.

We have a feeling that there won’t actually be a third album release until at least mid to late 2018, but hey, for all we know Mendes has been secretly in the studio preparing to surprise everyone.

However unlikely that may be, we truly can’t rule anything out.


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