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Shay Carl Considered Getting A Regular Job…But He’s Still Here

Shay Carl considered getting a regular job during that rough patch he had, but yet, he’s still here.

After the social media star found himself in hot water, the YouTuber shared via his Twitter that he considered going on a different path. After a fan noted that maybe Shay should stay off the internet and leave his family in peace. So Shay responded with,

But Shay says that his presence on social media following the scandal has helped others find peace and religion, and he’s proud of that. He also revealed that through the support of the YouTube community, he’s succeeded in overcoming his struggles. An urge to share your struggles? What about Colette’s struggles, or your children for that matter. We’d like to hear those instead.

Okay, that’s all nice and dandy, but let’s not forget something very important. This man cheated on his wife, and somehow has managed to keep his family together. Also we’re pretty sure not all influential people are closet-cheaters. We understand making mistakes and learning from them, but this just sounds like a cheesy PR move. But who are we to say anything, clearly he’s figured something out.


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