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In Case You Missed It: Shay Carl Has Reemerged!

Shay Carl, of Shaytards, is back on Twitter after a very long hiatus.

The family YouTuber went silent about 6 months ago following the public discovery he had a mistress, cam girl Aria Nina. Just before his departure, he released an apology of sorts, saying he fell back into alcoholism, but not addressing the affair.

But what could be the reason for his recent return? Shay has joined Roman Atwood’s “Crash Bash” and signed up for slot #36. But then drama escalated when Keemstar tweeted the vlogger well-wishes:

To which Shay promptly blocked Keemstar. It probably didn’t help that his mistress @AriaNina_ retweeted Keem.

The last video posted to the Shaytard’s channel was “Let’s Disappear For A Year.”