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Shay Carl Steps Away From Social Media

Social media is a strange, strange beast and Shay Carl is currently realizing that.


The former online personality has recently deleted his twitter, and privatized his instagram account following his scandal with cam girl, Aria Nina.

Fans of Shay likely have their heads spinning, what with all the change so drastically happening. It’s interesting to note that by privatizing his instagram, Shay is still allowing access to his 1.2 million followers to all his previous and future posts.

We understand needing to step away from social media, especially when it’s messing with your mental stability and health, but like we said, the instagram factor is fascinating. Maybe he just wants to stop all those who will follow just for the sake of scandal? Who knows.

Shay Carl announced about a month ago his struggle with alcoholism and his desire to seek help, and we truly hope that this seemingly for real hiatus allows him the opportunity for that.

Carl first rose to fame through his YouTube channel and saw so much success that he was one of the co-founders of the multi-channel network, Maker Studios, along with Philip DeFranco, who subsequently gave Carl one of his first shout outs that to lead to such notoriety.

Again, we hope Carl is getting the help he needs, and if he does return to social media, that he will be able to balance his health along with his fame.


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