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The Sheriff Meme Is Here To Brighten Your Day

A new meme has taken over the internet, and even though we don’t totally understand it, we’re kinda here for it.


If you’re finding yourself wondering what on earth the point of the new Sheriff Meme is, then you’re not the only one. As far as we can tell, it’s just like every other internet phenomena in the sense that it has no real purpose, but for some reason everyone is partaking in it.

Part of us feels that the reason these little sheriff dudes are having such a viral effect is because, as much as they are entirely ridiculous, they’re oddly hilarious.

In some ways it reminds us of the infamous ‘this is fine’ meme where the room is on fire.

Maybe he seems so inviting because he’s smiling, maybe it’s because he’s wearing such funny little cowboy boots, or maybe it’s just because we really are that easy to please.