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What Shocking Thing Happened To Emma Blackery On Twitter?

British YouTuber and musician, Emma Blackery, was shook to her core yesterday after realizing that her album had been pictured during the Apple Event that pretty much everyone was watching.

While Emma already has an impressive 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube, and is far from an unknown, the promotion she unknowingly received via the big iPhone information drop was one that most people would kill for.

Instantly, her album had thousands of fresh eyes on it.

We can only imagine how surprising it must have been for Emma to all of a sudden see a picture of her album popping up all over Twitter. Although as far as surprises go on the internet, she definitely lucked out in regards to the reason why it was trending…not like some other people…Ted Cruz…

Emma is also currently on tour to promote her new book, Feel Good 101. It looks like she can’t be stopped right now and this most recent album feature is just one more awesome way she is taking over.

Congrats on all the success girl!