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Shroud Banned From PUBG

Twitch’s #6 rated streamer, Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek, was apparently banned from the popular battle royale PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds after a prolonged series of in-game interactions with a hacker using a flying car.

 PUBG, which has a negative reputation when it comes to dealing with hackers and other toxic elements on its servers, was quick to respond to Shroud, though he complained on his stream about how the hacker had been able to get away with their cheating for as long as they did.

 ‘He ran into me twice. The first time he ran me over fine that was kind of quick, whatever. Second time, he parked his car and I killed him when he was flying his car into the house. At that point, he should already be banned. Third time, I said fuck it, I’m gonna have some fun with him. Let’s see how long this lasts,’ Grzesiek said on stream.

 Grzesiek was happy to fly around in the other player’s car, although when the player mentioned in voice chat that they sell their cheats, Grzesiek muted and reprimanded them. Doesn’t seem to have gotten him off the hook though.

 PUBG Corp, the game’s developers, do not comment on punishments for individual players, but they have previous form in targeting big names for trangressions, banning Dr DisRespect for teamkilling last July. The game designer, Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene has gone on record in the past saying ‘In my house, you follow the rules or you GTFO’.

 Oddly, since the ban was instituted, Shroud has been seen logging in and making in-game purchases on his account. It’s unclear as to whether the ban has formally taken effect yet, but if it does, it is likely to count him out of the PUBG Squad Showdown tournament he was supposed to take part in July 13th.



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