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The @SimpsonsLibrary IG Is Hilariously Millennial Friendly

The Instagram dedicated to showcasing all of the book title appearances in The Simpsons has every millennial saying SAME. It’s both hilarious and sad.

Have you ever looked at an image and started laughing because it was so relatable, but immediately shut down because you realized it was so true it was kinda depressing? Don’t lie. It happens to all of us, and often the reason is because social media and television are so tuned in with real life problems. Millennials are constantly made fun of for being lazy, cocky, etc., you name it. While we (as millennials) know that’s not true, we can’t help but admire when our troubles and flaws are projected onto an Instagram.

Especially if it’s The Simpsons.

For this writer at least, The Simpsons was the cartoon of all cartoons, mostly because while mom was cooking and dad was at work, baby had to watch her toons. Even if you didn’t necessarily grow up watching The Simpsons, you know exactly what family we’re talking about. Before Family Guy, before Futurama, before Rick and Morty, Homer Simpson and his family graced our television screens to tell tales of the modern American family.

One user decided to create an Instagram specifically aimed at highlighting all of the books that were read on The Simpsons (both real and fake) and we’ve gotta say – SAME.

Check these out and tell us when we’re wrong.

Which one is your fav? Let us know in the comments below!


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