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Smosh’s New Show Is All About YouTubers’ Embarrassing Tweets

Smosh is rolling out a brand new game show called “You Posted That?” and it’s featuring some pretty big YouTubers.

Hosted by Ian Hecox, the show’s internet-famous guests will have to confront their most embarrassing social media posts to win. They’ll face challenges such as completing missing words in ancient tweets, voting as a group if one of their posts is funny or not, and try to match the captions with the correct Instagram pic.

The trailer went up last week, revealing some of the show’s early guests will be Gabbie Hanna, Ricky Dillon, MatPat, JacksFilms, Ethan Klein, and CaptainSparklez.

And the first episode dropped today. This one stars Matpat, Gabbie, and Ricky, and is 23-minutes of hilarity complete with some amazing end of round-2 music by the house band made up of Keith Leak Jr. and Scott Passarella. Think you can guess who won today’s game?


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