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Smosh star Shayne Topp takes starring role on “The Goldbergs”

You know Shayne Topp from his 50+ appearances on the Smosh YouTube channel where he has showcased his transformative comedic acting abilities, playing characters from Donald Trump to a chip loving ghost, to a bird – he doesn’t let the fact he is human limit what he will portray.

But before Smosh, he got his acting start on television, appearing on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” and soon after landing a role as a regular on the Disney show “So Random!”

Now he is returning to TV, taking a recurring role as a punk named Matt on “The Goldbergs.” His first episode debuted February 22nd and he has more appearances to follow.

To celebrate his success and amazing acting chops, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Shayne Topp sketches on Smosh:

Every Snapchat Ever:

Tom Cruise Is My Roommate:

Hand Bomb:

Dick Pic Curse:

What If Donald Trump…?:

Every Bird Ever:

Who the F*CK is That Guy?:

Every American Ever:

Chips Ghost:

Worst Army Ever:

Did we miss a personal favorite of yours? Post the link to it in the comments below!


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