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Who is Smosh?

Smosh is a YouTube comedy duo made up of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Their main YouTube channel Smosh currently has over 22 million subscribers, they also have several other YouTube channels that include Smosh 2nd channel, Smosh Games, Shut Up Cartoons, El Smosh and Smash France. Ian and Anthony first met in the 6th grade when Ian was transferred to the same class. The two were paired up to work on a class project and became friends soon after. However it wasn’t until the two were in high school that the two started making YouTube videos.

One of their first videos was the two hilariously lip syncing to the Pokemon theme song which gained over 24 million views and was the most viewed video on YouTube at that time. Over the years their content has evolved from humorous short skits to a feature length movie called Smosh: The Movie. The duo also has a second channel where they posted things like behind the scenes videos, an online animated show called Shut Up Cartoon and Smosh Games, which features the two alongside some other hosts talking and playing popular computer and video games.

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