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MTV And Snapchat Are Teaming Up To Bring Back 'Cribs'

MTV has been slowly but surely bringing back to life some of our favorite shows, and it looks like Snapchat is about to make a Cribs revival a reality.


It seems like the theme of social media platforms picking up old shows for a reboot is on the rise, especially considering that Musical.ly just announced in April that they were bringing back My Super Sweet 16.

There is no doubt that the entertainment platform is officially shifting. Snapchat, which is rooted in the idea of limited and instant viewing, will be continuing this concept even with their full series episodes.

Each episode is set to be available via Snapchat Discover for 48 hours, and then like everything else that is fleeting and good, it will disappear.

We’re wondering if they are going to end up putting the episodes somewhere else as well, because we just can’t totally imagine that they would spend the time and money to film a series to then just have the episodes disappear. Maybe we’re wrong though, after all, that could very well be the factor that makes people tune in.

MTV Cribs, the Snapchat edition, will be premiering this weekend with Steve Aoki featured as the first house they’re crashing.

Remember, the episodes are going to disappear after 48 hours, so make sure you all catch them while they’re still available!

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