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Snapchat Is Verifying Beauty Gurus Like There Is No Tomorrow!

Snapchat, in a likely effort to boost engagement from popular influencers, has begun handing out verifications like they are candy.

Some of your favorite beauty gurus have likely already been verified, and with each verification- comes a unique emoji (and some are pretty fitting with their personal brand!) We are sure this list will grow, but for now here is the roundup of latest Snap verified accounts:

1. Simply Nailogical got a “holo” icon, of course. (Hint: it’s a CD emoji)

2. NikkieTutorials got handed a starburst emoji.

3. MannyMUA received a moon, obviously.

4. Laura Lee is now represented on the platform with a cat icon.

5. Snapchat asked Desi Perkins what she wanted, and she went with A CHICKEN!

6. Jaclyn Hill has the lipstick emoji πŸ’„ next to her name.

7. You’ll notice a lollipop next to Jeffree Star’s Snapchat.

8. James Charles picked an all yellow star cluster.