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'Snatchers' Is Alien Pregnancy Series of Your Nightmares!

‘Snatchers’ hits on a lot of high school comedy tropes, but in a totally fresh way. Losing your virginity as a teen never goes as planned- especially when you find yourself pregnant with an alien baby after boning just once! This is very fun, very off-beat teen pregnancy comedy that actually feels fresh.

This is a first outing for Warner Brother’s Stage 13 which aims to bring off-beat content to the masses. There are some heavy-hitters behind the project including Principato-Young which helped producer ‘Key and Peele.’

‘Snatchers’ is like an updated Heathers with a side of scary baby. Our girl Sara realizes she can’t think so much about high school status anymore while carrying alien spawn. The show also hits on hot button issues like abortion, and teen bullying, all with side of heavy comedy of course.

The first two episodes are up on Go90 now with six more to come. We highly recommend!