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How Social Media Changed This High School Trope

There’s no doubt that social media and the following that people have gained through it has had a massive impact on society, but what has it done to the entertainment industry?

Turns out, it’s done a lot.

Outside of the obvious factor that it has created a brand new avenue for content that didn’t necessarily exist before, whether it be through YouTube or platforms such as Fullscreen and AwesomenessTV, it has also played an integral part in changing the literal plot of what was once a standard high school trope.

Social media has been playing a bigger and bigger role in television and movies, which of course makes sense considering it’s an accurate representation of today’s society. The thing that¬†really tripped us out though was when we realized that having a high follower count has quite literally replaced the ‘popular kids’ that once posed the greatest social status threat in high school.

For example, there’s a new original Netflix series called #RealityHigh that literally has a tag line of “When your new boyfriend’s ex suddenly wants to be your BFF, watch out — especially if she has 9 million followers”!

No longer is it about whether or not the popular kids have a group of 10+ people storming through the hallways calling the shots, now the enemy is the internet and the power wielded through that.

It’s not just this show though, even the new Influencer packed series Guilty Party is surrounding cyberbullying as the main cause of trauma in high school.

We’re not gonna lie, we’re kinda into this only because it is an accurate reflection of how people now communicate and function within school. The internet has both a good and bad side, and it’s almost like social media is its own separate living, breathing world.

It’ll be interesting to follow television and movies to see how they continue to change to reflect the role that social media now plays in our lives, and more importantly, the Influencers who keep it thriving.