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Social Media Comes For Shaun King After He Threatens To Sue For Defamatory Tweets

Activist and Influencer Shaun King is under fire for threatening to sue after allegations of plagiarism, fraud, and bullying arise on Twitter.

Shaun King has been feeling the heat after he threatened to sue writer and community organizer Clarissa Brooks for a tweet she posted which called the activist out for not being transparent about how the money he raised for Cyntoia Brown was spent.  Shaun responded to the tweet by refuting the claims and announcing that he would be taking legal action against her.

Many felt uncomfortable with Shaun’s threats because his accuser, a queer African-American woman, and activist, is exactly the kind of person he’s dedicated his life and career to protecting.  In his rebuttal, he also claimed that Clarissa had retracted her original statement which she clarified was untrue.

Clarissa went on to share a formal statement regarding the issue with Shaun on Twitter.

The backlash was swift with many social media users chiming in with other unsavory allegations against Shaun.  They claimed that on top mishandling funds, he has also plagiarized the work of many Black women.  One journalist alleged that Shaun was sending cease and desist orders to not only Clarissa but anyone speaking out against him.

This isn’t the first time Shaun King has been criticized.  He was accused of lying about his African-American heritage and many feel that Shaun’s activism is performative and exploitative.

Since the drama started, he’s continued to deny all the accusations, both past, and present, that have been made against him.

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