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Is There Something About Logan Paul’s Hair We Don’t Know?

We definitely feel like we were led incredibly astray when it came to thinking that Logan Paul’s new music video was gonna be mostly about zombies, because spoiler alert, it was about his hair.

In all fairness, yes, there are a few moments of zombie action, but they are majorly outweighed by Bella Thorne lusting after Logan’s hair, which, no offense to him, is pretty standard hair.

Also, compared to all of his other music videos, this one seemed weirdly close to a legitimate song, which made us feel more unsettled than usual, because we just don’t know where on earth this musical trend is going.

Like, what if Logan Paul decides– fuck it— let’s become a musician? Who is stopping him? Bella Thorne??!

We don’t actually think that’s going to happen, and we also fully believe that Logan is releasing these types of songs for the sole purpose of them being a joke, but still, sometimes the line between the two gets oddly blurry.

We will say that we chuckled a little at the end when he and Bella are snapped back into reality and all that’s happening between them is him awkwardly combing her hand through his hair. Maybe it’s just cause we’re not used to subtle humor from the YouTuber, but that was probably our favorite moment of the whole video.

Check out Logan Paul’s brand new music video down below and let us know what you guys think.


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