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Sophie Turner Is Taking None Of Your Sh*t

Body positive Instagram model, Sophie Turner (no not Sansa), is redefining beauty standards by trying to normalize cellulite and the varying shapes and sizes of the female body.

I done a photoshoot yesterday And these are some behind the scenes pictures – I was angry when I seen this pic because Of my cellulite – It was on my mind but why should it ? I am more than #cellulite I am more than the #bellyrolls and the #backfat and #celluliteisnormal !! It’s natural for us ladies to have cellulite and we need to stop seeing it as disgusting or ugly. Yes we all want smooth skin but we also need to accept reality! I’ve had cellulite since I was about 12 which is normal. After living with something for a decade it’s all apart of being me! And I’m still learning to love it and not hate it- it’s a slow road to #selflove but it’s the best thing you can do for your confidence and mental health 😊❤️

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In one of her recent posts, Sophie shared a picture from a photoshoot where you could see her cellulite, and wrote in the caption about her internal struggle over being upset about it being visible, but then wondering why she cared.

So far, she has received a lot of positive feedback from other users who are praising her for her honesty, but like most things shared to social media, there are also a lot of negative comments.

Luckily, it looks like Sophie isn’t letting the hate get to her too much, and is instead focusing on those who are being supportive.

Good on you girl! Spread that positivity.