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Soulja Boy Responds To Jake Paul’s Boxing Match Request

Soulja Boy Responds To Jake Paul’s Boxing Match Request.

Jake Paul is still looking for opponents and once again has turned to social media to call out another contender.  He sent a public message to Soulja Boy on Twitter letting him and all of his followers know that he’d like to see him in the ring.

Soulja Boy responded a few hours later but didn’t appear to take Jake’s challenge seriously.

Jake’s ego couldn’t let Soulja Boy have the last word so he threw another jab at the rapper.  Soulja has recently made headlines for claiming that he inspired many of today’s top artists including Drake, Kanye, Migos, and Ariana Grande.  Jake joked that Soulja probably thought “Tyson copied the way you punch.”

Soulja Boy still hasn’t given a yes or no answer but seeing as how his boxing match with Chris Brown was canceled due to the singer backing out, he might actually be open to stepping in the ring with Jake.

Another possible opponent is fellow YouTuber and FaZe Clan member Ricky Banks.  Back in December, Jake opened up about a conversation he had with the gamer.

“I have been texting back and forth with FaZe Banks.  I want to fight him.  I texted him and I’m not gonna like talk about our conversation that we had.  But just know that FaZe Banks vs Jake Paul is a very high possibility and I would love nothing more than that.  I think that it would be bigger than the KSI-Logan fight.  I think that it would be bigger than a lot of fights that have ever happened in the history of anything.”

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