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Spotify Just Launched Its Best Feature Yet And Everyone Is Happy

Spotify just dished out one of its best features yet and we are fucking here for it.

As far as music streaming platforms go, it’s hard to compete with Spotify. They’ve all but killed Pandora (although we do know one person at the Trending All Day office who is holding onto it for dear life) and despite Apple Music having become a contender, we don’t see it edging out its predecessor anytime soon.

Considering all of this, Spotify just did one more thing to put it above the rest by creating a new personalized Time Capsule feature for each individual user.

The new Time Capsule playlist grabs a hold of your soul and gently whispers in your ear let’s get nostalgic before throwing an overwhelming amount of throwbacks at you based off of your age and music taste.

What makes this superior to other throwback playlists is that it filters out the songs you never really gave a shit about and delivers you a fairly accurate display of songs that probably existed on your generation 1 iPod, or day we say, your old school, portable, anti-skip CD player.

Even better is the fact that this feature isn’t available for everyone. Apparently, the feature is currently only available for most users over the age of 16, and although we don’t know if that is on purpose, we feel like it makes sense. After all, if you’re younger than that, how far back can they really throw things?

Keep on keeping on with your epic ideas Spotify, we are loving them so far.