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The Stax: Best Of Beauty This Week!

Halloween is around the corner and we are gearing up for it in our newest episode of The Stax beauty.

Whether you want to go full on prosthetics with Ellinor Rosander and Macs Moser’s creepy, The Pale Man look, or you just want a sleek and timeless skeleton makeup, we’ve totally got you covered.

But why stop there! The cool thing about makeup is that you can really go above and beyond and get as wild as you’re willing to go.

Simply Nailogical understands this fact, and you’re never gonna believe what she just made holographic…let’s just say, it’s not her nails.

Oh yea, and you’re not gonna wanna miss which weird makeup trend Grace Helbig poked fun at. Truly, we’re hoping that her video will help deter the whole thing from spreading even further than it already has.

For all tips and trends, make sure to check out this weeks episode of The Stax, beauty edition.