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The Stax: Best Of Dance This Week!

Welcome back to another brand new episode of The Stax! This time we’ve got the best dance moves of the week coming for you.

Of all the things we’d probably trade our first born child for, it’s dance skills, and this video just further proved that to us.

Ok so maybe not our first born, but definitely like…something.

But enough about our deep desire to be able to dance like Montana Tucker or anyone else showcased in this episode. It’s time to instead get down to the dancers we have featured for you because they’re sick AF. In addition to who we already mentioned, we’ve also got TheAliyaJanell killing it with the #LemonDanceChallenge and tons more, but we’re not about to give it all away.

So go ahead and check out our brand new episode of The Stax, dance edition!


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