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The Stax: Best Of Music This Week!

We’re back with our second official episode of The Stax music edition!

As if we needed another reason to love her, one of our favorite YouTube artists, Kina Grannis, delivers an amazing performance of Young, Dumb and Broke. Kina’s acoustic covers are hard to mistake because they carry such a specific sound that makes you able to spot her performances a mile away.

But we’ve got more than just your standard covers this time around!

Steven Spence delivers a remix of one of our fave Paramore songs, but he adds in a twist by creating an instrument out of something we all have…we’ll give you a hint, it’s a body part.

To get the scoop on how exactly these musicians got their start playing, and to find out who our last featured artist is, you’re just gonna have to watch the episode for yourself.

Don’t worry, we promise it’ll be worth it.

Check out our newest episode of The Stax music!