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The Stax: Best Of Music This Week!

We hope you’re feeling ready to dance because our newest episode of The Stax music is coming at you hard this week.

Gabbie Hanna is featured after having dropped her first official music release, which is already blowing up across the charts and even managed to snag the 3rd spot on iTunes.

But Gabbie isn’t the only new artist in our roundup this week, we’ve also got the band, Belle MT, who just released their first single, Hollow. Although the two singles don’t sound similar at all, we can imagine them finding their way onto the same playlist.

Of course we couldn’t forget Jacob Sartorius who also released a new single this week, which brings us back to the ‘good’ old days of awkward crushes and the horrors of middle school.

This is only a fraction of what we’ve got for you this week, so make sure to check out our full episode of The Stax music!