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The Stax: Best Of Music This Week!

What’s up guys! It’s been a hot second since we’ve brought you a new episode of The Stax, so we’re coming in hot with a brand new one that’s all about music!

That’s right, The Stax is back and better than ever, aren’t you thrilled? Cause we are.

The covers are killing the game this time around from Will Gittens and his rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ all the way to Davina Michell and her version of ‘Walk On Water’.

And of course, let’s not forget Next Town Down and their ‘2000’s slow jamz mashup’. We think it’s pretty obvious by now that a mashup will always get us amped, but if you for some reason forget, we’ll remind you again.

Check out our jam packed return episode of The Stax, music edition!


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