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Get Bent Into Shape: Yoga For Beginners With Steph Gongora

There are so many yogis on instagram that it’s easy to lose track of who to follow.

Even more so, it’s easy to lose inspiration for actually wanting to start practicing yoga yourself when everyone you’re watching is already an expert.

Like yea, cool, you can do a hand press and make it look flawlessly easy, but how the hell are we ever supposed to get there?

Steph Gongora is the answer to all of that because of her radical and brilliant idea to have not one but TWO instagrams dedicated to all things yoga. One is, naturally, aesthetically pleasing videos edited to amazing music. The other is what we’ve all been wanting from the start– a beginners teaching guide.

@thebeginnersguidetoyoga features dozens of step by step videos showing her audience exactly how to practically gain the skill to one day be as amazing as her.

That might be a stretch, but it is definitely the best beginners guide we’ve found.

Learning smaller movements to build up to the grand finale makes the whole venture into yoga way less overwhelming. More importantly though, Gongora is a big advocate on smart yoga, as in making sure you don’t hurt yourself.

With all these instagrams showing us just the moves, we lose the posture really fast, and if we’re being honest that’s the most important part. You don’t want to achieve a headstand just to strain your neck, right?

Gongora also has multiple books available for purchase on her website. You can follow her personal instagram @casa_colibri for more insane videos, including her boyfriend and her doing adorable partner yoga.

  1. Joe says:

    I wet fart sometimes….but you wouldn’t know… because I hide it. It’s natural, and its beautiful. Especially after I eat Indian food.

  2. Jeffery says:

    I too wet fart!! Thanks for making feel ok about my moist farts. We should not be ashamed!

  3. Bishop Bullwinkle says:

    Me too guys!! In fact, I just wet farted as I was typing!! PM me if you want a picture of it!!

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