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Who Is Stirring Up Drama In Cute Girls Hairstyles Household?!

Rylan McKnight is one of the girls in the Cute Girl Hairstyles clan, younger sister to Brooklyn and Bailey!

In August, a channel named All About Brooklyn and Bailey posted a video titled Why is Rylan on less videos than the other girls?  Here is the truth …

In the video, they point out that some fans have said that Rylan, who is the 4th child out of 6, is the least liked child. The user starts off by showing the reasons other people have pointed out and then counter arguing with why its not true. The video has been steadily gaining some steam on YouTube and has reached over 1 million views in 2 weeks!

Yesterday, Rylan and her family decided to make a reaction video since it started becoming so popular that she was even being asked about it at school! You can see what she and her family have to say about it here:

Mindy (her mom) is careful to say that she knows the channel did not mean any harm and that they were sticking up for Rylan. She also asks their viewers to not leave any mean comments on the video.

We give props to Rylan for sticking up for herself and proving to their 5.3 million viewers that she is well loved