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The Swim Reaper Is Low-Key Our New Instagram Idol

Sometimes, you can’t help but laugh at the harsh truths of life. One of them, being death.

Before you get all nervous, we assure you this is totally a light-hearted story of a genius creation that is giving some serious life to the deadliest of characters: The Grim Reaper.

Known as @iamtheswimreaper, we guarantee you’ll smile at these epic IG shots.

In one of the most bizarre concepts to come online, we’re super happy to see this. It’s so ironically funny that we can’t help but wonder where the Swim Reaper will go next. The cloaked figure of death however, stands for something much bigger.

He (or she) is part of a campaign by Water Safety New Zealand to warn people about the risk of drowning.

And we’d just like to say: THAT’S FUCKING GENIUS.

Swim Reaper is usually holding a surfboard, playing volleyball, or even having a cold one while on the beach. It makes sense to show such a dark image in contrast to the instinctual joy a beach brings.

Basically, New Zealand doesn’t want you to drown. And Swim Reaper is helping out.

Be sure to follow the witty, basic, Swim Reaper on Snapchat too – yes he has a Snapchat! @swimreaper


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