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Watch Our Exclusive Look Of BeautyCon LA ft. Gigi Gorgeous, Tessa Brooks And More

The Beautycon 2018 Pink Carpet was on fire when all of our favorite influencers arrived at the Los Angeles Convention Center for it’s 5th annual beauty celebration!

Our girl Hayley stopped to chat with Beautycon’s most awaited influencers about beauty tips, beauty no-no’s and of course their favorite part of the Beautycon event. Many of the stars who stopped by were excited to see Kim Kardashian West with KKW Beauty, mingle with all of the different talent and most importantly take home a goodie bag full of new makeup! A fun pink carpet question Hayley asked the influencers strolling by; “What is one fashion trend that we want to go away and never comeback again?,” “Unicorn stuff, It’s over, it’s time to stop” said Thomas Halbert with a “beat” face and an honest soul.

Dancer and influencer Tessa Brooks looked stunning as she gave us her number one beauty tip; “Always make sure your brows are on point, always.” Liane V spoke to Hayley about her “disco jumpsuit” and how she learned the importance of taking care of her skin, because yes ladies, makeup does change your skin! Friend to the Trending fam, Nina’s makeup stopped by to snap and slay giving us a natural yet beautiful look for L.A’s biggest beauty event.

Shutting down the carpet was Alyson Stoner, whose words really captured the essence of this event. “What’s one piece of advice you give people trying to find their inner beauty?” asked Hayley, “Connect to your origins,” said Alyson. “Connect to the force of life and connectivity that is shared in all of humanity so you’re not only seeing your own beauty but you’re able to see the beauty in everyone else” continued the actress, singer, dancer and model who can light up a room with her energy.

Check out these interviews and many more on our coverage of the famous Pink Carpet at Beautycon 2018 here in L.A!


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    I will be filming a video together this weekend with all the details and pics and vids of the proposal! Just wanted some solo time with you all first.

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