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TAD Exclusive Red Carpet Coverage At “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” Los Angeles Premiere

TAD cameras caught up with the stars of the new “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” film at the Los Angeles premiere.

Jessica Vanessa chatted with Sean Schemmel, Wuz Good, Erica Lindbeck, Swipa The Fox, Vic Mignogna, Statics Sounds, Christopher Sabat, and many more at the Dragon Ball Super: Broly Los Angeles premiere to get all the details on the new anime flick.

Sean Schemmel, who voices Goku, assured fans that they won’t want to miss a moment so they better save the drinks and bathroom breaks for later.

“I would recommend not drinking soda, a beer, or anything that makes you urinate.  You might want to wear some diapers.  You might wet yourself.”

Press play above to hear this and see your favorite content creators gush over the Dragon Ball Z franchise, settle the biggest DBZ debate, and talk about what they’re most excited to see from the film.


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