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TAD Radio Is Back With An Extra Special Spooky Episode Ft Hannah Monds, Amber Borzotra, Goth Mike & Fitemfitness!

We’re shaking things up on this special episode of TAD Radio with Melvin Gregg, Hannah Monds, Amber Nichol, & Em!

TAD Radio is full of surprises but this episode is a little different.  One of our special guests got into character but you’ll have to hear it for yourself to find out which one.

We’ve also got the scoop from Hannah Monds on her new music which she’ll be dropping soon.  And of course, we did a deep dive into some pretty NSFW things like why women prefer morning sex and men prefer it at night.

So press play to hear the outrageous discussions, find out who Goth Mike is, and much more!




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