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TAD Radio Is Here And You’ve Gotta Tune In!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here; that’s right, it’s time to tune in to TAD Radio!

Brought to you by none other than Dash Radio of course, we’re gettin lit in the studio with two of our favs, DeMario Jackson and our girl Nina’s Makeup! DeMario talks about being the uh-oh baby and Nina talks about having sex at work, it’s all kinds of levels over at TAD radio!

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We’ve got Nina and DeMario’s fav hits playing while the fam reveals all in this super fun episode of TAD radio! With all the drinking that went on, we’re legit surprised we managed to get through this show! In the words of DeMario, “Henny-thing can happen!”

Plus, you definitely wanna tune in to hear Never Have I Ever.

Whatchu waitin for fam? You need to hop on this ASAP! And you’re definitely gonna wanna keep it locked for the next episode! You never know what fun the TAD fam has in store!

Check it out!!





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